Gydd is a khoravar in her late twenties with pale skin, glasses and auburn hair pulled back into a short ponytail. Her clothes, build and bearing all suggest that she has not had much experience out in the world.


Kivothus met Gydd in the bar at the Lost Library Inn, where she was alone and nursing a drink for several hours until he spoke with her.

She seemed charmed by him and opened up about this being her first time traveling so far from her home in Sharn, where she works at Morgrave University specializing in Dhakaani artifacts.

When Kivothus asked if she knew anything about the Crypt of the Crimson Stars she downed her drink and flirtatiously (and clumsily) withdrew to her room.

Flynnric (Cyril) and Kivothus later located her room while flying around the second and third floor of the inn, shapeshifted into an owl and bat, respectively. They observed her writing in some sort of journal shortly before she retired for the evening.


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